Happy Summer 2015!

Happy Summer to all, I have uploaded a large number of new images for you to view. I also created a new page dedicated to floral photography.

In the news department I will be exhibiting numerous floral photographs in a gallery in Northern Ireland. Also I will have one landscape photograph in the Best Top Photographer Group Show in the Netherlands. I am really excited to be part of both of these exhibitions.

So enjoy your summer, I’ll keep taking photographs and publishing them for all to enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by


Second Gallery Show at Studio Around The Corner

was a huge success providing warmth on two very cold weekends. Some forty images were hung in the gallery at various levels and sizes in order to simulate a walk in a garden. Everyone who visited exclaimed how beautiful they were and how the warmed the soul. So in case you want to experience the gallery show click on over to my Google + account and view the album of photos. The gallery can be viewed at: http://tinyurl.com/kk39ksz

A New Year

So it has been a long time between updates. Well my real paying job last year got in the way but now that is behind me. A new job, a new year and new photos added to the site. I will try and keep up this year.

A few interesting items from last year. First one of my Heron photos placed second in a juried art exhibition. And I was asked by our local art gallery to exhibit a new show there. This will be my second show at the Studio Around The Corner in the Village of Brewster. That show begins February 6 with an artist reception and continues on February 7th, 14th and 15th. Once concluded I will add all the exhibited photos here. Some are already here and you can view the photographs from my first show on the SATC Gallery page in this blog.

So forĀ  now please look around and leave a comment, good or otherwise. I think you will enjoy what you see.


Bald Eagle

April comes….

and finally I have had a chance to add photos to the blog. All sections now have several images for you to see into my world Through my Lens. I hope you enjoy seeing them and will continue to add photos so please come back often.


to the very kind folks and fabulous photographers at Best Top Photographer for making this blog possible. They are the most dedicated and selfless people one would ever want to meet. To visit their site please click on through here.


Today I have added slideshows to the Bird and Sunset photography pages.I hope to soon update the rest of my pages but with work taking the bulk of my time my photography time becomes limited.

Thanks for stopping by and looking around.


A Rose

Welcome to my world as seen Through my Lens. All images are mine and represent almost 40 years of learning and experimenting with photography. Macros, wildlife, nature and landscape photography are my passions. I travel for work and the occasional architectural photograph will pop up. I hope you enjoy looking Through my Lens.